Take a look for yourself and listen to the voices of villagers on their views of the land.

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Amlee talks about their
peaceful neighbors.
Amleuam talks about
his rights with the land.
Amnote expresses the
importance of protecting
the land for future generations.
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Amphan describes how everything comes from
the forest.
Amphone talks about using the land to grow his crops. Amsong talks about how people are still hunting animals improperly.
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Bot talks about how land conflicts has decreased in their village. Bouat talks about their need of a water filter. Chouvanh’s views on being productive with the land.
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Khamleuang talks about the market for their crops. Khamon about the crops from the land. Khampa talks about the various designated types of forest near his village.
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Malee’s views on the importance of protecting the land. Manivanh talks about the importance of understanding nature. Mon describes their traditional ceremonies for
the forest.
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Nalee’s views on the understanding of their land rights. Preeah talks about how dependent they are on the land. Somboun would like others to join him in learning more about their rights.
y19 y20
Thak would like to learn more about laws pertaining to land conflicts. Yeun states that she is happy to participate in the useful project activities.

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